Boucle Bar Stool

Blakeley Collection SKU: DDW-426-B

Boucle Bar Stool

Blakeley Collection SKU: DDW-426-B
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Boucle Bar Stool

  • Luxurious Bouclé: The White and Dark Grey Boucle fabric introduces a soft, tactile experience, enhancing the allure of your decor.
  • Unrivaled Comfort: Generously cushioned with high‐density foam for an unrivaled seating experience, prioritizing your comfort.
  • Modern Design: Contemporary metal legs project a modern aesthetic, perfect for the design‐forward individual.
  • Ergonomic Support: The curved backrest is designed for sustained comfort, essential for leisurely dining or work‐from‐home setups.
  • Decor Versatility: A seamless match for diverse interior themes, these barstools offer adaptability to your evolving style.
  • Assured Stability: Robust metal construction underpins the barstool's design, promising stability and longevity.
  • Functional Finesse: Includes a built‐in footrest for added comfort, showcasing thoughtful design in every aspect.
  • Customizable Quantity: Available for individual purchase, you can tailor the quantity to your unique space requirements.
  • Simple Assembly: Designed with convenience in mind for a stress‐free setup, suited for the busy, modern lifestyle.

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Bouclé Brilliance

Step into a world of sophisticated design with our Bouclé Barstools, where elegance meets comfort in perfect harmony. The tactile allure of the high-quality bouclé fabric in White and Dark Grey is a visual treat and a sensory invitation, offering a unique touch that enhances your space with an air of sophistication. Each barstool is a testament to luxurious living, bringing a modern twist to classic comfort.

Modern Comfort

Our barstools are meticulously crafted to provide unrivaled comfort, combining the softness of high-density foam with the reliability of a sturdy metal frame. The ergonomic design ensures that you're perfectly comfortable, enjoying a quick breakfast or settling in for a long work session at home. These barstools are havens for relaxation and style.

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Feel the Quiet Luxury of Bouclé Fabric

Step into a realm where the soft, tactile sensation of boucle and the allure of modern design converge. The new Blakeley Barstool in boucle offers a feast for the senses, inviting you to indulge in its luxurious upholstery's soft, plush embrace. As the morning light filters through your space, the textured fabric of the seat plays with the shadows, creating a serene ambiance perfect for savoring your morning espresso.

By night, this barstool transforms into a sophisticated perch to enjoy intimate conversations or a reflective nightcap. The sleek silhouette, graced by the timeless charm of boucle, complements any interior, making it an ideal addition to your home. This isn't just a seating option; it's a statement of cultivated taste, blending the practical with the graceful for an everyday elegance that resonates with purpose and style.

Product Specifications

Model Numbers DDW-426-B, DDW-427-B
Assembly Required Yes
Product Dimensions 39"H x 18"W x 22"D
Product Weight 17 lbs.
Carton Shipping Dimensions 20"H x 28"W x 21"D
Carton Shipping Weight 22 lbs.
Materials Engineered Wood, Metal, Fabric, Foam
Max Weight 331 lbs.
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