Purchasing CorLiving & Sonax products gives you the benefit in working with a North American based company who is proud to support their diverse product line.

Customer satisfaction is our first priority, and we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If you experience any issue with your product, our Customer Service team is here for you. We are dedicated to ensure you have the best experience possible with your CorLiving product. Our convenient online support gives you the ability to reach us with any comment or concern about your purchase.

Please ensure that you have read the assembly manual carefully and have your product model number and serial number handy before contacting us for support.

  • If you have defective parts or are missing parts, please fill out and submit our Parts Request form.
  • If you have any assembly questions or have other questions about a product you already purchased, please Send Us A Message.


CorLiving warranties its CorLiving products against manufacture defects and workmanship for a period of 180 days (excluding mattresses and electronics). All parts are warrantied from the original date of purchase. Warranty is only valid with original proof of purchase from CorLiving. CorLiving may require photos and/or other documentation to assist in warranty claims. Warranty does not cover any misuse, abuse beyond intended use, above normal wear and tear, damage from weather, moisture damage, color fading from sun, otherwise or indifference from original marketing material or images. All glass and removable shelves are not covered under standard warranty. Warranty is honored at the sole discretion of CorLiving. Warranty does not cover floor samples, AS-IS, or Final Sale products. Customer is responsible for all packaging and shipping of goods to and or from service centers. CorLiving is not responsible for any damage occurred to items due to shipping and handling. Warranty does not reset when exchanged for another item or replaced under warranty. Warranty is non-transferable. If item purchased is no longer available, CorLiving reserves the right to replace item with a similar product.  Shipping charges may apply after 30 days.

For any warranty claims including missing or defective parts with “VA” on your original CorLiving Clearance receipt, or purchased online at CorLiving.ca, please fill out and submit our Parts Request form or submit your information and product details to support@corliving.com. Warranty claims for small items are available for local shipping or pick up at our Clearance store in Surrey, BC. Warranty claims for larger items are available for pick up only at our Clearance store in Surrey BC. Please note that warranty claims involving large items complete with original packaging are subject to inspection/evaluation to determine if repair is possible. If repair is not possible, a full replacement of the same or similar item may be provided. Warranty does not cover items marked “CLC” on your receipt (floor models, AS-IS items, & Final Sale).


All electronic equipment, remotes or any item which requires power, whether AC/DC, battery or solar powered have a 90-day warranty. All other warranty details of “furniture warranty” apply. Warranty on all electronic items are for items that “plug in” or run on “batteries” only.

For warranty claims, customer requires a Return Authorization Number: your first and last initials and the date of the call, (ex. JS01282018). Customer is responsible for return shipping & handling costs: item must be packaged properly as we will not be held responsible for damage to product in-transit back to our warehouse locations. We will inspect, repair and or replace item and ship prepaid to customer. If the item cannot be repaired or replaced, further authorization is required. Customer is responsible for shipping to us, we will pay the shipping of the item returned to you.



If you have a defective part or are missing parts, for fastest service, please fill out and submit our Parts Request form or submit your information and product details to support@corliving.com.