How to Care for Your Patio Umbrella

Finally… Umbrella season is upon us!

After a long winter, we are all ready to spend much-needed time outside on the patio or beach to catch some sun.

A stunning CorLiving Patio Umbrella or Beach Umbrella is the perfect addition to your fun in the sun, providing the shade you need to feel comfortable and enjoy yourself.

Like all exposed outdoor furniture, umbrellas require some tender loving care to keep them looking great. Follow these steps to ensure your umbrella stands the test of time:

Patio Umbrella Cover

Most CorLiving umbrellas are UV-resistant. However, this does not mean they will never fade. UV resistance is just like sunscreen. It will protect and help the canopy resist fading from the sun. But you should not leave your umbrella in the sun when you're not using it. Closing it up and using a patio umbrella cover will allow the colour to stay vibrant much longer.  

Patio Umbrella Cover

UV protectant spray

Several products are on the market to help prolong the life of your umbrella. Think of this as sunscreen for your umbrella. It will further enhance the UV-resistant material and keep your umbrella looking new. In addition, if you're located near our Clearance Outlet Store, you can pick up a can of recommended UV spray. 

Umbrella Base for Support

We highly recommend you secure your umbrella with one of our Umbrella Bases. And for even more security, you can fill them with water, dry sand, or wet sand. Base recommendations for your particular umbrella can be found on the umbrella product detail page. If you're not sure about which base you need, be sure to contact us.  

Deluxe Patio Umbrella Base

Store your Umbrella when the Weather is Bad

On those rainy or windy days, store your umbrella securely inside or undercover. This ensures it doesn't tip over. Our umbrellas are sturdy with a base, but to avoid your umbrella from turning into a kite, we will always recommend storing it away to keep it safe.

Pack up your Umbrella at the End of the Season

Putting your umbrella inside is strongly recommended if you're in a climate that experiences cold and wet conditions. The umbrella's metal components expand and contract during temperature fluctuation, which will cause strain on the umbrella's frame. Remember that our umbrellas are not intended for rain protection, so keep them inside and dry.  

Clean Your Patio Umbrella

Like any outdoor furniture, your umbrella will require cleaning to look its best. The most crucial time to clean your umbrella will be when you're planning to pack it away at the end of the season after months of exposure to the outdoor elements.  

  1. First, use a damp cloth to wipe down the aluminum and steel frames. This should be sufficient to clear away the dirt. We do not recommend using chemical cleaners on the frame as they wear down the finish.
  2. Use a brush to remove any loose surface materials from the canopy.
  3. Apply lukewarm water and a gentle detergent to a soft sponge or cloth and clean the canopy fabric.
  4. Remove the detergent using a garden hose or buckets of cold water.
  5. Allow the umbrella to fully dry before packing away.

Following our recommendations will bring long-lasting life to your outdoor patio umbrellas. But for those who live dangerously, Replacement Canopies are now available for our 500 Series Umbrellas!