Decorating Ideas For Your Bedroom

Is there a room more important than your bedroom? A serene place to rest your head after a long day. A place to lie down, collect your thoughts, and browse through your Facebook feed (come on, we all do it). As you look around, you begin to notice that everything is starting to look a little stale, the walls are getting boring and your bed is starting to creak.

A thoughtfully decorated bedroom delights and also offers a type of satisfaction that can only be achieved through a well-designed bedroom. Below are some useful and fresh ideas you can use to decorate your bedroom.

Add Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are an easy way to add color and patterns in your bedroom. They come in different sizes, ranging from standard square ones to oversized ones. We suggest going with both sizes to add visual depth to create an interesting look. When choosing colors and patterns, go for complimentary colors (they are opposite of each other on the color wheel) and go wild and mix up patterns: stripes, solids, florals, and geometrics. Don't forget about mixing up texture too.

Pro tip: Always use an odd number of pillows as our eyes tend to favor odd numbered groupings. This is a trick designers use.

An Interesting Blanket

You can drape this blanket over the end of your bed or you can use a smaller blanket to drape over a chair. Adding a blanket helps add visual variety to your bedroom by incorporating different types of fabrics and textures. That's why in the winter time, using a wool blanket not only refreshes the decor of your bedroom, it also proves valuable during those cold winter nights.

Personal Artwork

Hang artwork that you really enjoy. The important part is to find something that you love and that intrigues you rather than focusing on how it matches your decor. Art is meant to stand out and showcase your personality!

Varied Lighting

Hopefully, you have at least one table lamp in your bedroom. You can also install a simple LED light in your closet which makes rummaging through your clothes much easier. It's important to have varied lighting in your bedroom as you don't want to use harsh overhead lighting all the time.

Add a Rug

Imagine waking up, getting out of your bed and being greeted by a lusciously soft rug. It's the small things that can make those mornings slightly better. When choosing a rug for your bedroom, make sure your entire bed sits within the rug, with about two feet of overhang on each side. Rugs come in a variety of materials but opt for something that is an ultra soft and fluffy material. Choosing a rug with a subtle pattern can also spice up your bedroom decor.

Install Floor Length Curtains

Good curtains help block light, sound, heat, and cold. They also look damn good when done right. Installing floor length curtains that extend four to eight inches on both sides of your window make them look much bigger. You should also hang curtains six inches above your window to elongate your ceiling.

Get a Good Mattress

Buying a mattress will be one of the most important purchases of your life. That's why we recommend you purchase the best mattress you can afford. A good night's rest is incredibly important to your overall health but with so many options, how do you know what to look for? Funny you should ask because we wrote a definitive guide to buying a mattress just for you.

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Create a Faux Window With a Mirror

By placing a mirror opposite a window, you get two benefits: it reflects natural light back into your bedroom and also creates the illusion of a second window, giving you two nice views in your bedroom. A mirror doesn't always need to be hung though, as floor length mirrors are another great alternative. Decorating with mirrors is easy and can make a great impact in your bedroom decor.

Add a Headboard

Adding a headboard helps turn your bed into the focal point of your room while giving you space to display photos or store your phone and alarm clock.

Gallery Wall

Installing a gallery wall is easy and is a great way to display photos of your family, vacations, and anything that is meaningful to you. It's a great way to create a more interesting wall, which can sometimes be hard to do.

Get a Nice Bed Frame

A nice bed frame is sturdy, properly holds your mattress to avoid sagging (which can shorten the mattress's life span), and ultimately looks good. Your bed should always be the focal point in your bedroom and everything else should support it. There are many things you should consider when purchasing a bed frame such as the size of your mattress and room, and what style of bed frame suits your decor.

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Try Dark Hues

While lighter tones help make a room feel airier, darker hues help create a sense of warmth, which actually helps produce a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Paint your walls a darker color and opt for bedroom furniture that is featured in a darker toned wood such as this bed and dresser.

Add a Small Plant

Add some green to your bedroom. Anything that can help bring aspects of nature indoors is always a plus since it helps create a serene environment, vital to any good bedroom. Terrariums are always a popular choice as they really up the decor in any room. Check out this list of the best indoor houseplants you can easily grow yourself.


This might not be a decorating tip, but your bedroom will only feel great if it's clean and organized. Organizing your bedroom can be very easy too if you follow the right steps.