A Pro's Guide To Decorating With Mirrors

Do you want a simple way to add some visual flair to your home without having to spend a lot of cash? The answer may be using mirrors.
Mirrors add a very interesting and purposeful design element to your home. When done right, they can make your home feel bigger, provide more light, or just look damn good. Here are a few mirror decorating ideas you can use right now.

Floor Length Mirrors

A large, floor length mirror can make small entry ways feel big. When the mirrors are the same width the furniture piece in front, it looks purposeful rather than forced.

Place a Mirror Behind a Light Source

Whether it’s a floor lamp or a candle on a dresser, this will give your room a very magical and comfortable look while maximizing the light’s reach.

The Faux Window

By hanging a mirror where it will reflect natural light, it gives the illusion of another window while helping illuminate your home.

Avoid Mirrors in the Kitchen

Because you’re always cooking, steam and the oils will constantly get on your mirror. And do you really need another thing to clean?

Avoid Mirrors In Front Of Your Bed

I don’t need to be reminded of what my morning face looks like when I wake up. That’s why mirrors should be placed behind your nightstand or on a wall that doesn’t directly reflect your bed.

Group of Mirrors

This can be tricky, but when done correctly it can look really good.  Just remember to always use an odd number of mirrors as an odd grouping of objects are more appealing to the eye. (Drop that nugget of knowledge during your next cocktail party, people will be impressed).


Mirrors can be a great way to add a bit of elegance to your room and can create an expansive feeling when strategically placed. Just one final piece of advice: No mirrors on the ceiling. Seriously, there will be one person reading who was thinking that was a good idea.

Cover Image from Love Grows Wild