10 Ways To Organize Your Bedroom

Creating an organized bedroom is important in creating an environment that promotes calmness and tranquility - both important if you want a restful nights sleep.

Organizing your bedroom is easy, just follow these few tips.

Don't Follow Magazines

Sure, those beautifully designed bedrooms look great, but of course they do, they're styled specifically for entertainment, not practicality. It's important to go minimal in your bedroom. That way you can create an open space that allows you to keep everything organized and spacious enough to feel comfortable.

These are the important items every organized bedroom will need:

  1. Dresser with deep shelves - deep shelves will give you plenty of room to store your clothes.
  2. Small nightstand with shelves - The top of your nightstand will only need to hold a lamp and alarm clock (or you can just use your phone as one to save space). The shelves will give you a place to keep smaller items out of sight but easily within reach.
  3. A headboard with storage - while not everyone will need a headboard with built-in storage, it is extremely convenient and gives you a place to display decor pieces that you love.
  4. Proper closet storage - this means built in shelves and containers to help you keep everything organized.

Use The Space Under Your Bed

If you've got limited closet space, purchase large plastic containers to store your large winter coats and shoes when they're not in season. Keeping them enclosed in containers under your bed will keep everything neat, tidy and out of sight. Make sure you remember to wash your coats before storing in them to prevent damage caused by moths.

Make Decluttering A Priority

This is important.

The first thing you need to do is take a hard look at all the items you have in your bedroom. Donate and toss out old clothes, pieces of furniture that you don't use, and any other items that have been collecting over the years.

You should always spend some time organizing your closet, clearing your nightstand, and dusting to keep your bedroom clean and organized. You don't have to spend a lot of time, in fact, 5 minutes a day will be enough to keep your bedroom consistently clean and organized.

Buy A Blanket Rack

If you have a variety of throws and quilts that you use regularly, consider getting a blanket rack. This will help you resist the urge to just throw everything on the floor.

Keep Your Nightstand Clear

It's tempting to keep a lot of stuff on your nightstand, but you should always have a clutter free and simple nightstand that helps you in the sleep process. Keep all your other stuff in the drawers so they're still within reach but don't make your bedroom look cluttered.

You Need A Hamper

That way you'll be able to easily throw away your dirty clothes in a hamper instead of leaving them in a pile on the floor.

Move Out Your Electronics

First start with your TV. We all probably spend more time watching TV than we should. But simply removing the TV out of your bedroom removes the temptation to turn it on when you get ready for bed. (That's what your cell phone is for).

Speaking of cell phones, did you know that looking at an electronic screen before going to bed can have a negative impact on your sleep? To resist the temptation, some people charge their phones across the room so that they won't be tempted to look at it every time they get a notification.

Secondly, if you use your computer to do work in your bedroom, you should probably stop now. Reserve computer usage to outside your bedroom so that you don't bring the stress of work into a place of relaxation.

Maximize Your Storage Space

One way to maximize storage is by purchasing pieces that have built-in hidden storage like this ottoman or this bedroom bench.

Keep a jewelry box

You never want to misplace expensive jewelry or accidentally damage it. That's why a jewelry box is a necessity and also a convenient way to keep everything organized.