Surf's Up Against Autism Charity

"4 years ago, I stood on a beach in Tofino, BC in early September and watched magic happen - over and over again. I watched surf instructors unaffected in their regular lives and donating their time, cry tears of joy while explaining how much this event has touched them. I watch parents crying from the sheer wonder of their kids doing something “normal” but surrounded by acceptance and love for an entire weekend!"

- Anita Helser, CFO

CorLiving SUPA Charity

SUPA (Surf's Up for Autism) Society was established in 2012 by Dennis Nerpio and Rip Curl Canada under the premise to offer a unique experience for children and families who face the ongoing challenges of living with Autism. It’s a surf weekend in Tofino where people can leave behind their daily grind and try to forget about the costs and stresses of Autism that burden their families. This event empowers the parents and includes the siblings that often feel left behind. To learn more about SUPA and its supporters, visit the SUPA website.

CorLiving has been a proud supporter and ambassador for Surf's up for Autism (SUPA) Society for 4 years. In introducing a complete line of plush stuffed animals, you would be helping us support this charity that has help change the lives of so many families.

CorLiving Cares SUPA Charity

All net proceeds from the sale of your stuffed animal will be donated to SUPA and its efforts in bringing joy to families across the province.

CorLiving SUPA Charity